Why wraps are comparable to ambrosia

As if you needed more convincing!

More recent wrap-tivities:

Wrap 1: Dressed baby greens, red pepper pate, cuke, tomato and avocado on nori.

Wrap 2, part 1: Kale pesto, almond cheese, dressed baby greens, tomato, cuke, broccolette, snow peas and avocado on a collard.

Wrap 2, part 2: Drizzled with almond butter.  Hooooly moly.
And just when you think food bliss can't get any foodier or blissier, THINK AGAIN!  Yesterday, it was so warm (55℉) Claire and I drove our food train outside and ate in the SUN!

It was gorgeous.  And so was my wrap!

Dressed greens, tomato, cuke, avocado, kale pesto, snow peas and almond butter on a collard.
Ridiculously satisfying.

In non-food news, I held crow (bakasana) for the first real time yesterday!  I'm so grateful for my strong, stretchy body.

In gratitude-

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