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So, the Willimantic Food Co-op (here) celebrated their 32nd birthday this month by having a day-long party with 32 cakes!  Claire and I signed up to make one of them, deliberated, and decided to create a super-size version of her In Love cake.  I ended up making most of it because she wasn't home, so I followed and expanded her recipe, swapped maple syrup for some of the stevia, and added a cashew cream/blueberry layer, which was basically 1) cashews, 2) coconut oil, 3) maple syrup, 4) stevia, 5) salt, 6) vanilla 7) water and 8) frozen wild blueberries.  The cake was gorgeous, and so delicious.  I was glad we were sharing it with other co-op-goers, because I could easily have eaten waaaay too much.  Cashews + me = bleh; love 'em, but my body doesn't.  Luckily it got gobbled down about 15 minutes after I delivered it, so I only got a piece and a half!

I know, right?
I also made a little frosting to decorate the top: 1) cashews, 2) maple syrup, 3) coconut oil, 4) macadamia nuts, 5) vanilla and 6) salt.

It was, all in all, an enormous success!  Definitely something I would make again (but ONLY for a special occasion.)

Happy belated love-day!


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