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Last day of the growing/working season yesterday.  Today, we had a big solstice celebration at the farm.  Lots of delicious food, conversation, kids and indoor traffic jams.  Bryan and Anita, my bosses, slaughtered five roosters yesterday.  Anita roasted up the biggest one, an eight-pounder, for the party.  Bryan and the gaggle of kids got a bonfire going outside, and we sat around it.  Not going to lie, I spent a lot of the time coughing and choking when the (rather wild) wind blew smoke my way.  My hair still smells like woodsmoke.  It was a good night. 

On January 23rd, Claire and I leave for a month of backpacking around Maui and Kauai.  I can't think about it too much or I vibrate with excitement.

I'm gearing up for some major holiday cookery.  As usual, we're planning to have about a million people over for Christmas.  Should be a blast!  I've got lots of yummy ideas... 

After the holidays, I'm pretty much a free bird.  I want to spend January reading, skiing, catching some time with my busy and widespread family, writing and SLEEPING.  Definitely lots of sleeping.  No more early farm mornings for me!  The other day I slept in until 10:45AM.  It has honestly been years since I slept that late.  My battery is in dire need of recharging, and now is the time.  

I'm also 18 years old now!  18 and still groovy, like my sister said.  Life as an adult has so far been fairly similar to life as a minor, except for that I can now legally drive between the hours of 11pm and 5am.  I considered buying a pack of cigarettes just for kicks, but I decided it was too young & reckless for me.  I'm a senior citizen at heart.

No snow here yet, but I've got my fingers crossed.  Above is a picture I took after last year's October blizzard.  I'm using it to help me *visualize.*  

Happy Solstice, all-



late fall limbo

Happy December, all.  Tomorrow I turn eighteen years old.  Life is happy and sad and full of the good stuff.  The farm season is wrapping up.  Claire and I are working on travel plans.  I slept in until 9:45 this morning for the first time in nine months; must be December!

Love -

  1. Camille and me in Burlington, VT for Thanksgiving.
  2. The mini-est of snowmen, sculpted by Deidre.
  3. Sunset over Claire's dashboard.
  4. Fun in the snow with Deidre.
  5. Claire curled up in my new bedroom.
  6. The mini-est of Christmas trees, discovered by Deidre.  (Are you sensing a pattern?)
  7. Declan, Deidre and me with a lethal weapon bow saw.
  8. Took a little hike up Wolf Rock with Claire.
  9. Happy.
  10. Very happy.

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