goodbye july

July was chock full.  Not a moment to spare.  And mostly hazy in my memory already.  Luckily, I have these photos (and many pages of journal entries).  

And now August!  I am positively thrumming with change.  For those of you who are familiar with tarot, my Tower is majorly falling right now.  For those of you who are familiar with astrology, I'm really feeling the mercury retrograde.  Just when I think I'm definitely at my limit now, another intense situation comes rolling on in.  Life is crazy.  Life is good.  The intensity helps me not take things for granted.  It clears away the unimportant stuff so I can be grateful for all these experiences.  And that's what I'm carrying with me into this month; gratitude.

In gratitude,

  1. Claire on the beach in Charlestown, Rhode Island.  My father and his girlfriend rented a house right on the water for a week.
  2. My beautiful sister Camille in RI.
  3. Claire follows my dad's strict (and highly effective) sand removal regime.
  4. Wildflowers for my love.
  5. Claire at the kitchen table.
  6. Our other cat, Sherlock, gets a closer look at the mechanics of my camera.
  7. Amazing fresh burrito fixings- homemade buckwheat tortillas, local pork sausage, homemade salsa fresca, red leaf lettuce and perfectly ripe avocados.
  8. And the final burrito!  
  9. One of my favorite ways to spend an early morning; taking a quiet swim in the beautiful lake, then air-drying while I drink a mug of tea.
  10. Wild carrot, wild grape and staghorn sumac at the dam.
  11. Gorgeous kale from the farm.  I've been living on green smoothies.
  12. Summer salad- salad greens and cukes from the farm, avocado, olive oil, salt.

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