poppy jr.

There's a new member of the Donohue/Chill household!  Meet Watson, Poppy Johnson's 1.5-week-old kitten.  Poppy gave birth in the middle of the night- it was a total surprise!  You can imagine the excitement.  I am in love.

Name explanation: our other adult cat is named Sherlock.  It was just too good.


bye-bye new england

Probably the last time I'll post here for a bit.  Tomorrow morning (4AM to be exact), I'm driving to JFK with my mama, Camille, Claire and Grace.  Then Claire and I are hopping on a big flying machine and spending 12 hours whizzing southwest and eventually landing on Maui.

This is a picture of Camille and me from tonight.  I am going to miss her dearly.

See you in a month, New England.

Love and thanks -


last days in CT

There have/has been a snowstorm or two, a semi-surprise birthday party, day-trips, restless late-night drives to cafes or to wander around stores looking at body jewelry, a one-time job serving drinks on the 12fth floor, sushi, a baby born, sleep, 60-degree weather, 20-degree weather, meltdowns, appointments, groceries, dehydration, Gollum impersonations, logistics, packages arriving in the mail.  We've talked about everything we can.  We've thought about everything we can't.  We've cried about half of all that.  Time has been spent sitting in parked cars.  Lots of time.  There has been kindness, thank you.  The world is 3D at last.  Today, I made my first deposit into my checking account without a hitch.  Wonder of wonders.  We went to the farm and were briefed on Korean Natural Farming.  We came home with a bushel of winter greens.  There have been more salad wraps than you would believe.  There have been preparations.  In five days, Claire and I fly to Hawaii to spend a month backpacking.  I'm starting to pack tonight.  Decisions, decisions.  I will miss my family.  I will miss them all.  I am very happy.  My face is flushed from this computer screen.  How many rolls of film can I fit in my pack? 

With love, sentimentally,

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