late fall limbo

Happy December, all.  Tomorrow I turn eighteen years old.  Life is happy and sad and full of the good stuff.  The farm season is wrapping up.  Claire and I are working on travel plans.  I slept in until 9:45 this morning for the first time in nine months; must be December!

Love -

  1. Camille and me in Burlington, VT for Thanksgiving.
  2. The mini-est of snowmen, sculpted by Deidre.
  3. Sunset over Claire's dashboard.
  4. Fun in the snow with Deidre.
  5. Claire curled up in my new bedroom.
  6. The mini-est of Christmas trees, discovered by Deidre.  (Are you sensing a pattern?)
  7. Declan, Deidre and me with a lethal weapon bow saw.
  8. Took a little hike up Wolf Rock with Claire.
  9. Happy.
  10. Very happy.

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