Good title, right?

Oftentimes when people find out about how I eat, they say something to the effect of, "... so you eat, like, salad?"

Usually that's the point at which I try to convince our hypothetical person that I'm not a salad-crazed lunatic by talking about more complex dishes; nuts, seeds, dehydrated treats, pizzas, pates, cakes, cookies, etcetera.   But I have to say, deep in my heart of raw hearts, SALADS ARE MY FAVORITE.  And wraps?  Wraps are just another way to bask in the green glory.  (Shimmy shimmy.)

The past few days I have been living off the most simple, satisfying salad wraps you could possibly imagine.  Here's the basic recipe:
  • Salad.  This can, obviously, mean a number of things.  Greens, dressing, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, whatevah.  Be creative!
  • Sprouts.  Alfalfa, chickpea, sunseed, pea shoots, etc.
  • Avocado, slice-y or dice-y.
  • Optional: a nut/seed pate of some sort.
Then you basically just throw it all in a wrapper of some sort.  I've been using either collard greens or sheets of nori (or one on top of the other!).  Delicious, nutritious as all get out, physically gorgeous; what more do you want?

Wrap party.  (I'm hilarious.)

Camille gettin' down with a wrap-to-be.
So wrappable.
KALE PESTO!  (With a few changes, of course.  I can't help but personalize.)
Spreading the wrap-ture.
Avocado nirvana.
Camille taking a closer look.
Oh, isn't it beautiful?
Mia mamma creating her collard-nori wrap.
My lunch-wrap today.  Oh my god.
Featuring: Claire's red pepper pate.
Ahhhhhhh.  Highly recommended. 

In other news, as of last night I can officially hold a headstand!  YES!  After taking a long walk with the lovely Claire this morning, we both spent about half-an-hour experimenting with upside-down-ness in the family room.  I have videos.  And this picture of Claire:

I love this girl.
In love, gratitude and yogic excitement-


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